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Google+ Hangout: Ereck Flowers film study

Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy and offensive line specialist Duke Manyweather join us to break down the Giants' rookie left tackle.

So, how is rookie left tackle Ereck Flowers doing through the early part of the season? Let's go beyond the numbers, the Pro Football Focus grades and all of that, and get the real story.

What you see here is a Google+ Hangout with Dan Hatman (@Dan_Hatman) of The Scouting Academy and performance consultant and offensive line specialist Duke Manywather (@BigDuke50). These guys know far more about offensive line play and film evaluation than I do, so watch, listen and learn.

The general takeaway, by the way, is that Flowers has tremendous physical gifts and occasionally flashes technique that wows. There are, however, many times where his tremendous athletic gifts are covering for faulty footwork or technique.

Thanks to Hatman and Manyweather for taking the time to educate us.

[NOTE: There were some brief technical difficulties -- mostly your Hangout host fumbling around with the NFL Game Pass video. I do apologize for those, but I hope the quality of the insight from Hatman and Manyweather makes up for that.]