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VIDEO: Thoughts following Giants' victory over New Orleans

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Big Blue View's Ed Valentine offers some thoughts on Sunday's 52-27 victory by the New York Giants over the New Orleans Saints.

From the pressbox at MetLife Stadium to the SB Nation YouTube channel, Big Blue View is everywhere these days.

Here are some thoughts I put together following Sunday's 52-27 victory by the Giants over the New Orleans Saints. Among the topics hit are the up-and-down nature of the Giants, the playoff race, the great game David Wilson had, the play of the defense and a quick thought or two about Sunday's opponent -- the 11-2 Atlanta Falcons.

Shoot some questions to me at and perhaps later this week I can put together a video mailbag for you. We've done that before, and it seems to work out well.
If you haven't subscribed to SB Nation YouTube already, you really should. There are plenty of informative videos being put together -- and some that are just plain fun to watch.

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