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Terrell Thomas visits SBN Studios

Terrell Thomas of the New York Giants recently visited SBN Studios and spent some time playing 'Call of Duty' against a Big Blue View community member.

Last week we offered Big Blue View readers a chance to meet Terrell Thomas and play some video games with him at SBN Studios in New York City. Richard Cato, a fairly new member of our community, was the lucky winner. The results of Rich's sit-down with Thomas are in the video you see.

Props to Thomas, currently on IR, for hanging out for a while at the studio. Props also to Rich -- who is apparently terrible at 'Call of Duty,' but managed to conduct a mini-interview while Thomas kept killing his fighters over and over during game play.

On the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Thomas said he lost a window to his place in North Bergen. He said his knee is "good" but that he doesn't get around the team much. "When you're hurt, man, it's better to stay away. You're almost a distraction." On the possibility of a future move to safety, Thomas said that has "always" been a consideration for him.

Thomas, though, got in the best dig of the day summarizing Rich's Call of Duty skills with this zinger:

"I'm happy you're not that good, at least I look that much better."

Editor's Note: Thanks to both Rich and Terrell for doing this. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about how this would all work out when SBN Studios contacted me about it. Looked like it worked out well, however, and we got a little info out of Thomas.