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Valentine's Views

Giants fans think Tiki Barber belongs in Hall of Fame, and I agree

You may not like some of what he has done off the field, but his on-field resume is clearly HOF-worthy

Giants-Patriots ‘things I think’: It’s going to be hard to fire Wink Martindale today

Maybe there is tension between Martindale and Brian Daboll, but the Giants’ defense has played well for two straight weeks

Tommy DeVito vs. Tyrod Taylor, the 2024 NFL Draft and more ‘things I think’

Who should start at QB? Caleb Williams at No. 5?

Giants-Commanders ‘things I think’: Cold reality is that winning is a good thing

The draft will take care of itself, but this was a good day to be a Giant — and a Giants fan

Random thoughts about the Giants: Brian Daboll’s future, winnable games, more

There are still seven games to play

Giants-Cowboys ‘things I think’: Giants are back at the bottom, with a long hill to climb

This season has been a bad dream for the Giants

Random thoughts on Xavier McKinney’s comments, Darius Slayton’s emotions, Micah McFadden, more

Let’s empty the ‘things I think’ notebook on an off day for the woeful Giants

‘Things I think’: As bad as things are for the Giants, they can’t fire Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen

Giants have to stay the course, give Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen time to try and fix what has gone wrong in 2023

‘Things I think’: Leonard Williams trade, Daniel Jones, 2023 halfway point

The Giants are setting themselves up for the future as a critical second half of the season arrives

Giants-Jets ‘things I think’: Final fourth-down decision by Brian Daboll was the wrong move

Graham Gano’s missed field goal was the beginning of the end for the Giants in a game they should have won

Daniel Jones has to be the Giants’ quarterback once he is healthy

Many of you will disagree, but there really is only one correct decision for the Giants’ future

Giants-Commanders ‘things I think’: Brian Daboll just cracked open the door for a quarterback controversy

Tyrod Taylor makes his bid, Tae Banks makes his presence felt, and more

It’s time to remember that the Giants are ‘building, not built’

As much as some thought otherwise, it is still more about the future than the present for the Giants

Giants-Bills ‘things I think’: No participation trophies, but Giants did show some improvement

Considering how the season started, that it at least something to feel good about

Where do Giants go from here with offensive line, Daniel Jones?

What are the solutions, and the ramifications if there are no solutions?

Giants-Dolphins ‘things I think’: The inevitable Daniel Jones’ injury has finally happened

It was only a matter of time before poor offensive line play led to the quarterback getting hurt

Giants’ Evan Neal takes on fans, and makes a huge mistake

Where do Neal and the Giants go from here?

Giants-Seahawks ‘things I think’: Giants’ season on the brink of disaster

Giants’ futility has been amazing, and they have no real answers for it

‘Things I think’ about the Giants’ 1-2 before Monday’s game vs. Seattle

Let’s chat about why the Giants are where they are

Giants-49ers ‘things I think’: This was a little better, but the Giants are clearly still not all grown up

Thursday night game shows a massive gulf between the Giants and the 49ers

Giants-Cardinals ‘things I think’: Yogi would have been proud of this one

It wasn’t over when it looked like it should have been over for the Giants

‘Things I think’ before Giants-Cardinals: The Giants need to win on Sunday, and more

A few thoughts before a critical Week 2 game

Giants-Cowboys ‘things I think’: Shocked Giants still not ready for prime time

Giants show they still aren’t ready to compete with league’s best teams

‘Things I think’ before Sunday’s Giants-Cowboys season opener: Daniel Jones, Evan Neal, Darren Waller, more

A few thoughts before the Giants open their season

‘Things I think’ one week before the Giants open their season

A few random thoughts as we look ahead to Giants-Cowboys

‘Things I think’: Daniel Jones-Darren Waller connection didn’t happen by accident

Let’s talk about that and a few more things on a day off for your Giants

‘Things I think’ after Giants-Panthers preseason game

‘Things I think’ as the Giants head to Week 2 of the preseason

A kickoff return idea, and some other thoughts

‘Things I think’ after Week 1 of New York Giants training camp

Pads are coming, a core is being built, and more

‘Things I think’ about Saquon Barkley, New York Giants training camp

Giants will take the field for the first time on Wednesday morning

Is this the beginning of the end for Saquon Barkley and the Giants?

Being a Giant for life might now be unattainable for Barkley

Kadarius Toney keeps proving the Giants are better off without him

Talent or not, Toney’s immaturity wasn’t worth the trouble