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Valentine's Views

‘Things I think’ after the 2023 NFL Draft: Joe Schoen’s aggression, closing the talent gap, more

Ed’s thought’s about what the Giants accomplished in the 2023 NFL Draft

‘Things I think’ after Round 1: Trader Joe, first-round upheaval, Day 2 possibilities, more

Ed’s thoughts after the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft

‘Valentine’s Views’: What will happen at No. 25, and more draft day ‘things I think’

The wait is almost over for the 2023 NFL Draft

Valentine’s Views: Predicting the draft, and thoughts on ‘the disease of me’

A couple of ‘things I think’ heading toward the 2023 NFL Draft

Giants 2023 NFL free agency: About Bobby Okereke, and more ‘things I think’ after Day 1

A lot has already happened in free agency for the Giants, so let’s talk about it

Giants-Eagles ‘things I think’: Successful year ends, important offseason begins

There are a lot of decisions to be made this offseason

I think Giants’ QB Daniel Jones has ended the argument about the kind of player he is

In the biggest game of his career, Jones comes up with great performance

Giants-Eagles ‘things I think’: Fun day starts fun stretch for Giants

Sunday was more enjoyable that we thought it might be, but it was just a prelude to the main course to come

Resting players, Davis Webb’s chance, coaching carousel, more Sunday thoughts

Here are a few ‘things I think’ before Sunday’s Giants-Eagles season finale

‘Things I think’: Daniel Jones earned the cheers he got on Sunday

This was likely Jones’ best performance as a pro

Giants set for biggest game at MetLife Stadium in a decade — even if Brian Daboll won’t say it

It’s a ‘win and in’ game for the Giants, who will be facing a Colts team they have no excuse to lose to

Giants were good Saturday, just not quite good enough

The resilience they have played with all year was there, and so was the evidence of how perfect they have to be against good teams

Hey, the New York Giants have a real honest to goodness pass rush

That, and some other Giants thoughts as the Giants enter Week 16

Giants-Commanders ‘things I think’: Huge missed opportunity for Giants

Chance to take big step toward a playoff berth slips away in tie with Washington

Can Giants’ season be a success without playoff berth? Yes ... and no

You can make reasonable arguments on both sides — so, let’s try to do that

Giants-Lions ‘things I think:’ The Giants did not look like a playoff team on Sunday

The Giants are a fragile team with a narrow path to winning games, with injuries and steep competition making that path even narrower

Giants-Seahawks ‘things I think’: Familiar script failed the Giants on Sunday

This one was like several other Giants games this season ... until it wasn’t

Should the Giants trade for a wide receiver? If the price is right, sure

The Giants, though, should only make a move that benefits them beyond this season

Kadarius Toney trade: Why it had to happen, and what comes next for Giants

Ed offers his thoughts on the Giants’ trade of Kadarius Toney, and the possibility of acquiring Jerry Jeudy

Tuesday Giants tidbits: Nick Gates, additional ‘Kudos,’ more

It’s a few ‘things I think’ for a Tuesday off day

‘Things I think’ after Giants-Jaguars: Insanity rules

The Giants are 6-1 — unexpected yes, but not a fluke

Giants-Ravens ‘things I think’: Somehow, the Giants keep winning games they shouldn’t win

The Giants’ improbable start continues

Giants-Packers ‘things I think’: Giants beat Green Bay, and the world is upside down

The Giants are actually ... good? They are actually winning the kids of games we have watched them lose for a decade? What is happening?

Giants-Bears ‘things I think’: The Giants are 3-1, and it’s hard to explain

But, I will try to pinpoint some of the reasons why they won on Sunday to reach that mark

Valentine’s Views: Winning is nice, but not what 2022 is about for Giants

This is year where the Giants are trying to build for a better future

Brian Daboll’s good start, frenzied fans, more ‘things I think’ before Giants-Cowboys

Here are a few thoughts before the Giants try to start the season 3-0

‘Things I think’ as the 1-0 Giants head toward their home opener

The Giants might he pointed in the right direction, but the road to get there is still a long one

7 ‘things I think’ 7 days before Giants’ football

The Giants have a game in week, and here are some of my thoughts entering the season

‘Things I think’ before Giants’ second preseason game: Evan Neal criticism, players to watch, more

A few ‘Valentine’s Views’ nuggets for you to spend the day arguing about

‘Things I think’ about the Giants after the 2022 NFL Draft

Joe Schoen ran the draft his way, and I think Giants fans should be thrilled that he did

‘Things I think’ after Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft: The fickle nature of fandom

In one night, Joe Schoen went from hero to drawing Dave Gettleman comparisons

‘Things I think’ after Round 1 of Giants’ draft: Joe Schoen did this right, and much more

Thursday was a good, well-executed day for the Giants


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