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Valentine's Views

What should the Giants do with Joe Judge? Let him stay? Fire him? Here’s an idea

The decision to keep Joe Judge as head coach no longer appears clear cut — here is what I would like to see happen

‘Things I think:’ Joe Judge’s future, Justin Herbert, more

Is Judge coaching for his job over the season’s final five weeks?

7 thoughts for the final 7 games of the Giants’ 2021 season

There are a lot of Giants with a lot to prove during the remainder of the season

‘Things I think:’ Mount Rushmore, Patrick Graham, more

Random thoughts for a Sunday without Giants football

Off day ‘things I think’ about the New York Giants

Thoughts on Joe Judgre, Jason Garrett, Daniel Jones, much more

‘Things I think’ about the Giants: Daniel Jones, Joe Judge, offensive line, more

Thoughts for an off day as we get ready for Giants-Cowboys

‘Things I think:’ No, it’s not alright, and other thoughts about the 0-3 Giants

Jason Garrett, fourth down decisions, offensive line, more

For Joe Judge and the Giants, it’s time to start winning some games

Maybe they are improving, but the results on the field need to begin showing it

For New York Giants, the most critical days of the season are the first 5 days

Recent seasons have seen bad start after bad start by the Giants, and that needs to change — now

‘Things I think’ before the Giants face the Browns

Playing time on Sunday, Dave Gettleman, roster competition, more

‘Things I think’: There is still time for Giants to get the offensive line right

A few thoughts for the day as the Giants open a new week of practice

‘Things I think’ after Week 1 of Giants training camp

Views on Kelvin Benjamin, conditioning, roster moves, and more

‘Things I think’ as Giants begin training camp

Saquon Barkley is the big story, but not the only one

‘Valentine’s Views,’ Fourth of July edition

Some ‘things I think’ as we await the return of football

‘Things I think’ about the Combine, the Giants’ OL, more

A few random thoughts for a summer Sunday without football

Giants-related ‘things I think’ as we head into summer

Offensive tackles, best Giants team, more

‘Valentine’s Views’: Vaccine should be a no-brainer for NFL players, but it obviously is not

It is a personal decision, but what is the down side?

‘Valentine’s Views’: Reasons to be optimistic about the Giants

A couple of offseason ‘things I think’

‘Things I think’ as we get closer to the 2021 NFL Draft

Thoughts on draft guides, draft prospects, Sam Darnold, more

‘Things I think’ after the Giants’ free-agent splurge

The Giants are going for it, and it seems like the right move

‘Valentine’s Views:’ Now, the Giants need to win games

They have had a great week — now, they need to make it pay off

‘Valentine’s Views:’ Draft priorities, Kenny Golladay, more

Let’s discuss some things I’m thinking about today

‘Valentine’s Views’: Why Mel Kiper is right, and more thoughts

A few things I’m thinking about as the NFL offseason cranks up

Matthew Stafford trade thoughts, DeShaun Watson, Giants, more

A few ‘things I think’ for a Sunday without football

‘Valentine’s Views’: Puzzling prospects, playoff lessons, more

Things I’m thinking about today

‘Valentine’s Views:’ Sticking with, strongly supporting, Daniel Jones is right move for Giants

We don’t know yet what Jones’ ceiling is, and there really isn’t a better option available

Keeping Dave Gettleman, and more ‘things I think’ about the Giants

Joe Judge’s vision, Leonard Williams vs. Dalvin Tomlinson, more thoughts as the Giants begin the offseason

‘Valentine’s Views’: Dave Gettleman’s future, Logan Ryan, Golden Tate

Some ‘things I think’ as the season winds down

‘Valentine’s Views:’ Giants Joe Judge is right that playoffs won’t define season’s success or failure

The Giants’ season has always been about establishing a foundation for the future, and that seems to have been done

Giants coach Joe Judge disappoints with Sunday’s handling of Daniel Jones

Judge did the thing he said he wouldn’t do — he listened to Jones and put the quarterback at risk

‘Things I think’ about the first-place New York Giants

A few leftover thoughts before we fully focus on Arizona

‘Valentine’s Views:’ Seeds of Giants’ current success were planted on Day 1 of Joe Judge era

Judge laid out the plan, and the Giants have been executing it