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Big Blue View Community Guidelines

Big Blue View is a community of fans who love the New York Giants where we look for mature, intelligent and friendly discussion about the Giants and football in general. Be mature, be respectful of other's opinions and have something to say that advances the discussion. If

The Guidelines

No Vulgarity & Profanity: There is no place for either here.

Be Respectful: THIS IS THE BIG ONE! No personal attacks. No name-calling. Attack the post or comment, not the poster. If you are going to post an opinion, people are allowed to disagree with it.

Trolls: Fans of other teams have the right to comment -- provided they act in a mature manner. If a troll comes to Big Blue View and comments inappropriately, please do not engage him or her. Simply 'flag' the comment as inappropriate or e-mail

Trolling: You represent Big Blue View when you are visiting another site, and that your behavior reflects on our community. Make your arguments in a thoughtful, intelligent way and be respectful of the fact that yours will be the minority opinion. If you don't think you can hold your emotions in check and comment maturely, then don't comment on other blogs.

Advertising: If you post simply to sell a product or promote your own Web site those posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

No Racism/Sexism/Politics: This is a football site.

Plagiarism: Do not simply copy and paste full articles into a FanPost or Fanshot. Use a small piece of it and link to it. Don't steal other people's work.

What You Can Do

Be mature. Everyone is here because they love the Giants, and love to discuss them. While we're here, we're all friends. Enjoy the conversation. If you are at other sites, represent this one with class.

Police the site. If you find a comment, FanPost or Fanshot you find objectionable use the 'Flag' option or e-mail Do not engage them in an argument.