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The Chris and Joe Show - Quick takes from the Giants’ 36-9 loss

What to make of the Giants’ embarrassing loss to San Francisco?

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another loss for the New York Giants as the team falls to the San Francisco 49ers 36-9.

This week’s loss was particularly painful as it lacked any of the competitiveness or “fight” that marked the Giants’ games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears.

Adding insult to injury was the 49ers own injuries, as the team has been absolutely ravaged by injuries this year. Nevertheless, their back-ups ran the Giants’ off their own home field. There isn’t much positive to take away from this game, so we’re just going to share our thoughts in the immediate aftermath.

In This Podcast

  • Is it time to start blaming Jason Garrett?
  • Daniel Jones keeps making the same mistakes
  • The Giants’ run game continues to struggle
  • The defense was hung out to dry by the offense
  • Jabrill Peppers’ injury was a big blow

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