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Packers 23, Giants 16, post-game quotebook: Giants reflect on lost opportunities

The New York Giants react to latest loss

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants looked mostly helpless against the Green Bay Packers despite the one score game of 23-16. With their third straight loss, things might be looking bleak for the Giants locker room. But the team is not quite ready to give up though. Justin Pugh sees it a different way.

But the rest of the team is already doing some hard evaluating. Eli Manning has not played well these past two weeks. On Sunday night, he had a lot of throws he wishes he could take back -- one of which would have been a sure touchdown by Will Tye.

Coach Ben McAdoo on the other hand is staying confident in the players on the team but saying they  need to execute better.

In particular, despite Manning's struggles, McAdoo is not worried.

Meanwhile, Odell Beckham Jr. has been put on blast this week by the media about his emotions on the field. After a quiet night, he responded by being grateful that he's playing a game he loves.