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Falcons 24, Giants 20: Post-game quotebook

The New York Giants players react after another tough loss.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Another week results in another disappointing defeat from the jaws of victory. These two past two games are hard to overcome for any NFL locker room. Let's see how the players are responding to the adversity.

Prince Amukamara: "We're just hurting ourselves"

Prince Amukamara has emerged as a leader for the New York Giants. Sunday night, he tried to explain why the Giants have been losing in a dramatic and preventable manner.

"We're just hurting ourselves," Amukamara said. "In the NFL, anytime you don't put put a team away or you give a team a chance, there are great quarterbacks, there are great receivers, there are great playmakers and they're going to take advantage of that. We just have to do a better job closing out games."

Covering Julio Jones is a hard task for even the best cornerbacks in the league but Amukamara thinks it's not a hard decision to make him shadow Jones.

"There's seven million reasons why that's not a lot to ask ... First of all I was drafted in the first round to be that guy. The Giants are paying me to be that guy. Definitely expected. I always say the highest paid guy on the team should never get help."

Amukamara isn't giving up on the season.

"We have a lot of guys that aren't used to this little slump that we have. I'm just there to encourage them, say, 'hey, the Giants are a winning organization too. Just keep your head up, we'r going to get it going. There is light at the end of the tunnel.' We hope."

Eli Manning wants the team to play better

It goes without saying that after two losses that the Giants need to play better, but Manning has acknowledged that it would take more that saying it to actually truly improve.

"I think just playing better. I don't know if catch phrases are going to going to work at this point. It's just a matter of playing four quarters and we have-we're not making the plays in the crucial moments, we're having penalties and mistakes at different times that are preventing us from being as good as we can be."

This is the advice Manning is giving the rest of the team.

"You just move on. Try to think about the good things, think about where we can make improvements, come out there and practice, play well, and trying to figure out how to play our best and get the win."

Odell Beckham: You never want to lose

"No, it just makes it difficult losing, period. You never want to lose, that is never the goal and I feel [like] this team played great today – offense and defense, you know we’re flying around and it is the second week in a row, so no confidence is lost."

Despite this, Beckham isn't giving up.

"I actually feel really good about not where we are as a record but where we are as a team and where to go from here. I think the [offensive line] did another great job tonight in being able to give Eli time to find his targets and make some throws but at the end of the day, you’ve got to finish and you have to win games."

Beckham was asked if the Atlanta Falcons did anything different on defense after limiting his production after a stellar first half.

"No, we just need to come out and we need to keep going. We need to stay on them and keep attacking when we are up and like I said, you have got to finish the game. At the end of the day, you have got to finish the game. It is 60 minutes of football, it is not 30 minutes, it’s not 45, it’s not 59, it is 60 minutes, so that is what it came down to today and we couldn’t get it done."

Justin Pugh: I've got to recover that fumble

Add Pugh to the list of players extremely frustrated with the game.

"I should have recovered that damn fumble, it was right by my legs. It just could have saved us. I saw it hit and went to go get it and just couldn’t get my hands on it."

"I felt like we moved it all day on them besides the last three drives of the game and you can’t have that. We have to get a first down with four minutes to go. We were in the same exact position. We got to get the first down and get our defense some rest and just change field position at least. That’s something we didn’t do on that last drive and it might of bit us in the ass again."

Shane Vereen: Giants have the talent

Vereen comes from the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

"In these two games, the frustrating part is that we have all the talent. We put ourselves in great positions.That's the only frustrating part. We've done the hard work, we've played all three quarters. We just gotta finish out the fourth."

Vereen thought the Manning third-quarter fumble changed the tide of the game.

"I think at that point, Atlanta got the fight and they said we were gonna charge back and we're going to win the game. Maybe we were a little passive, I'm only speaking for myself. That fourth quarter at the end of the game, that's when we gotta step up and start making plays."

Robert Ayers: "Not the end of the world"

The defensive end tried to look for something positive Sunday night.

"We just have to be positive. It's 0-2. It's not the end of the world. We know we can play with anybody. When we get in these situations we have to finish games and we have to build on the positives. We can't let things go up and down and up and down — when we get up, we have to keep going up and up and up, and that wasn't the case this week."