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Giants vs. Falcons 2015, Week 2: Big Blue View staff predictions

Let's see what Big Blue View staff members think.

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Will the New York Giants defeat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium? Here are this week's predictions from your Big Blue View staff writers.

Alex Sinclair

I'm in the camp that believes it may take more than a week for the Giants to recover from that Cowboys game. We have seen this team struggle with enthusiasm before, and just judging from some of the player comments last Sunday, I think these guys took that loss pretty bad. Maybe it's too early in the season for the energy to already be depleted, but I'm erring on the side of caution for now.

Besides, the Falcons looked great last week. They have some offensive line issues, but they still held the vaunted Philadelphia defense to a lone sack, and they added Jake Long this week too. I think this team have too many weapons for the Giants to handle right now, and that New York simply doesn't have the firepower to keep up. Add in special teams and I like the Falcons' chances in all three facets of the game. I think it will be close in the fourth quarter, but that Atlanta pull away slightly towards the end.

Final score: Falcons 27, Giants 17

Mike Gallop

I unfortunately agree with Alex. I'm still shell shocked about Sunday night and I'm just a fan. The hangover from that loss will linger, and I think the Falcons are too good right now for us to pull an upset.

This all changes if Julio's hamstring proves more serious then the coaching staff has let on. He hasn't practiced yet this week, and did look hobbled a few times on Monday night. If he's a surprise scratch, we win. But not with him in the lineup. He's a MONSTER.

Final score: Atlanta 31, Giants 21

Keane Macadaeg

Despite that heartbreaking loss, the Giants have had a lot of positive moments against the Dallas Cowboys. The offense didn't look too sharp but that looks to change against the Atlanta Falcons. Don't let last year's defensive ranking of the Cowboys fool you, their defensive line has improved tremendously and the battle of the trenches should be easier against the Falcons. Odell Beckham Jr. was essentially shut out on Sunday night and I don't expect a repeat of that to happen against any team. Defensively, the Giants are still shaky but they match up well with the Falcons strengths. Julio Jones won't be stopped but Prince Amukamara and DRC can mitigate the damage. However, the defensive line can't be as stoppable for another week for the Giants to have a chance. Granted, they were against the powerful Cowboys offensive line but it's not acceptable for their first hit on Romo (let alone a sack) to come in the third quarter. I predict a high scoring game, with two potentially great offenses and mediocre defenses. Giants with the home field advantage will win a tight game.

Final score: Giants 35, Falcons 31

Chris Pflum

I firmly believe that this week of preparation could very well be the most important week for the Giants since Superbowl 46. I do believe that it would take more than one loss for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning to lose the team, no matter how painful it was. But it given the way the last three years have gone, the tipping point might be lower than we would like to believe.

Fortunately, I think the fact that -- officiating blunders aside -- Eli Manning effectively lost the game could be very bad news for the Falcons. I'm expecting the Giants to make a concerted effort to get Odell Beckham the ball, and for Eli Manning to be at his most surgical on Sunday. On the other side of the ball, I largely liked how the defense played against Dallas. Without Dallas' offensive line to worry about, they will likely use Damontre Moore and Robert Ayers more often, and that should make for a more active pass rush than we saw in the first game.

All in all, I think the Giants rebound from their Week 1 disaster and rally for a victory at home.

Final score: Giants 31, Falcons 24

Jesse Bartolis

This week no one should feel confident that they will manage a victory, but be prepared it's coming. The Falcons can't block anyone and I think Spags can dial up enough pressure to give the Falcons some problems. On defense, the Falcons are not a formidable opponent and there are plays to be made hopefully by Odell Beckham Jr. I haven't seen any new commercials this week so maybe he's in the playbook -- I tease, but seriously let's make some plays this week. Home opener, tons of controversy, let's see if the Giants can rally and put up an inspired performance and if not well there's only 14 more disappointing weeks to go left in the season after this one!

Pick: Giants (no score given)

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Valentine's View

Chins up, people! It's a new day, a new week. The Giants are at home for the first time in the 2015 season, and they are honoring the 25th anniversary of the 2015 Super Bowl team. It's as good a time as any to start remembering what franchise the current players are members of, what the expectations are, and to start playing like it.

Can they? I have said repeatedly this week -- and Chris apparently agrees -- that this week will tell us a great deal about your 2015 Giants. A loss, especially a lethargic one in which they look like they are suffering Dallas hangover, and it might be a long season in the Meadowlands. A win? Maybe it will be the start of something.

Through all the negativity of the preseason, and the last week, I have held to the belief that in the end this Giants football team could be better than many people think right now. I also believe that Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning are both good at holding things together when things go poorly, and I believe their steady hands are important this week.

I think the Giants bounce back, get to 1-1 and give themselves a chance make what happened in Week 1 little more than a footnote.

Final score: Giants 27, Falcons 20

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