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Tom Quinn: Squib kick a mistake by placekicker Josh Brown

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Add this one to the list of mistakes at the end of the game.

Josh Brown
Josh Brown
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning made a mistake at the end of Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. We know that all too well. Offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and head coach Tom Coughlin made mistakes. The officials made mistakes. Rashad Jennings made a mistake post-game. Well, add Giants' placekicker Josh Brown to the mistake-fest.

Giants' special teams coordinator Tom Quinn said that the final kickoff with 1:43 left and the Giants leading, 26-20, was a mishit by Brown. The kick was supposed to be a normal, deep ball designed -- hopefully -- to generate a touchback. Instead, it looked like a squib kick that the Cowboys returned to their own 28-yard line.

"We were trying to kick it deep," Quinn said. " I think Josh [Brown] tried to do a little bit more and get a little bit into it. Anyone who has ever played golf, and I used to play golf and any time I tried to put more into it, it didn't go how I wanted."

Just one more crazy, unfortunate mistake to add to what has become a loooong list of them.