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Giants vs. Falcons: Atlanta feeling good after season-opening victory

These aren't the 2014 Falcons.

Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A tweet flashed by the @BigBlueView timeline early on Tuesday which said something to the effect of "Today 16 NFL fan bases feel like they are going to the Super Bowl and 16 feel like their season is over."

After Sunday night you know which side fans of the New York Giants are on. And, after Monday night's 26-24 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, fans of and players for the Atlanta Falcons are quite the opposite. They are feelin' fine.

The Falcons have a new coach in Dan Quinn and apparently a whole new feeling in their locker room. Here is safety William Moore after Monday's victory:

"I couldn't be more proud of this team for fighting for coach Quinn," Moore said. "It shows how we feel about him as a coach. We want to make sure we get the win for him, man." He added: "It's a new environment around here, a new feeling. We had to let the lost seasons go and we're excited about this season."

Here is Quinn on Tuesday:

Here is Will Brinson of CBS Sports on the new-look Falcons:

Monday night was a statement win for new Falcons coach Dan Quinn. A defensive-minded guy coming from the Seahawks, Quinn's first gig while running a team was to shut down Chip Kelly's offense. For 30 minutes his team pulled it off and ultimately it ended up being enough.

The Falcons haven't been good defensively for a while. They might end up not being good defensively -- or statistically -- this year either. But you can see a genuine difference in this football team from 2014. They tackled well for the most part, were schemed up really well to start the game and just had a different vibe about them.

Falcons' fans at The Falcoholic are also feeling better about their team.

The Giants are the betting favorite, and by no means is this meant to say that they are in trouble Sunday. It is just meant to point out that they are facing a team that appears to be on the upswing and feels good about itself right now.