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2017 NFC Playoffs: Giants at Packers

Eli ends “Bieber-Gate” with jokes

Now, let’s get on to talking about the game

Does the Giants’ defense have the look of a Super Bowl champion?

How do the Giants compare to the last Super Bowl-winning defense?

Giants at Packers: Playoff Eli or Pedestrian Eli? Which Eli Manning will show up Sunday?

Is Manning capable of another great postseason run?

“Five things I think I think:” Reasons the New York Giants can win Sunday

Maybe they won’t upset the Packers again, but there are reasons to believe

Featured Fanshot

Uh, oh! Skip Bayless is picking the Giants

It's sort of hard to feel good about this.

Odell Beckham, other Giants party in Miami

Big deal or not a big deal? That depends

Super Bowl 51 odds: New York Giants at 16-1

Technically, that makes the Giants a long shot

Giants-Packers odds: New York 4-point underdog to Green Bay

Giants are playoff underdogs, a position they have been in before