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Giants at Packers picks, predictions: Experts don’t like Giants’ chances

Most analysts picking Green Bay to defeat New York

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We have given you our thoughts on whether the New York Giants will defeat the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s wild-card matchup at Lambeau Field. What do writers across the Inter-Google think? Here is a smattering of the predictions we found this morning.

SB Nation writers

Big Blue View predictions

Game Barry Shuck Dan Pizzuta Brandon Estrict Chris Pflum Mike Gallop Jesse Bartolis Ed Valentine
Game Barry Shuck Dan Pizzuta Brandon Estrict Chris Pflum Mike Gallop Jesse Bartolis Ed Valentine
NYG at GB Packers Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Packers

Other predictions

Pro Football Talk

Florio’s pick: Giants 24, Packers 23
MDS’s pick: Packers 24, Giants 16

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Silverstein: Packers
Cohen: Packers
Dougherty: Packers
Wood: Packers’s Elliot Harrison is picking the Packers.

So, can the Giants do it? Can they pull off the road playoff win at Lambeau, as they did in the 2007 NFC Championship and 2011 Divisional Round? I don't think so. Putting aside the fact that Aaron Rodgers has produced the most stunning six-pack of games from a quarterback in recent memory, there are other factors at play here. Only Rollins was healthy for that first meeting in Week 5, thus Green Bay wasn't playing with a full deck then. And Eli Manning isn't playing at the same level as he was in 2011. Are the offensive failures all his fault? Not even close. Yet, if his defense doesn't play a perfect game, Manning might be forced to put up 28 points to win -- something New York has only accomplished once this entire season.’s Chris Burke is going with Green Bay. SI also offered a bracketed look at playoff predictions from a number of its football analysts. writers are split. I think what matter is that Connor Hughes, who once was on staff here at BBV, is taking the Giants.

WhatIfSports has the Giants winning in 60.1 percent of the 501 simulations it ran.

Our friends at SB Nation’s Acme Packing Company have gone the homer route, with all 13 (yes, 13!!!) writers at APC picking Green Bay to win.

The New York Times is jumping ship and picking the Packers.

Three of four staff members for The Bergen Record are picking the Giants.

FiveThirtyEight gives the Giants a 34 percent chance of winning today.

Believe it or not, the only ESPN analyst picking the Giants to win is Dan Graziano.