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New York Giants news, 1/6: Damon Harrison’s “playoff” experience, Odell Mysterio, more

What’s happening with the Giants as they prep for the Packers? Let’s find out

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
Damon Harrison
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Don’t tell Damon Harrison he is one of the many New York Giants without playoff experience. “Snacks” would disagree.

“I have a lot of experience in the playoffs. I just won the Super Bowl last night on Madden (laughing). I go to the playoffs every year in Madden, so I have some playoff experience,” he said on Thursday.

Harrison, in fact, said he won Super Bowl 51 in Madden ... using the Green Bay Packers.

“The team looked a little different. I made some cuts and had some guys with some contracts so I could add some cap space. I was using Rodgers pretty good on Madden. Hopefully I know some of his weaknesses,” he said. “Madden doesn’t lie.”

Cold new to Paul Perkins

Rookie running back Paul Perkins is an Arizona native who went to college at UCLA. Cold weather like potential single-digit temperatures the Giants could face Sunday in Green Bay are foreign to him.

“This is probably the coldest I’ve played in. I’m not accustomed to too cold of weather, but it’s not going to be a big deal,” Perkins said.

Perkins, of course, had his first career 100-yard game last Sunday vs. the Washington Redskins, gained 102 yards.

“Everyone gets confidence running the ball. I think the team total was (161) yards rushing. It helps the offensive line with their confidence and it definitely helps the backs,” Perkins said. “I think there’s a carryover and some momentum, but it doesn’t really mean anything if we don’t keep going through the process.”

Lambeau, cold not new for Robbie Gould

Playing at Lambeau Field and in bad weather conditions is nothing new for Giants’ placekicker Robbie Gould. The 12-year veteran spent 11 years with the Chicago Bears and has kicked in 11 games at Lambeau, making 17-of-18 field-goal attempts. Gould is also experienced in postseason play, having been in six playoff games with the Bears.

“What’s interesting is that nothing changes for the punter and the kicker,” Gould said. “They really don’t. It’s just a matter of managing every situation to the best of the ability for that day in either direction. For these guys (the offensive and defensive players), the tempo, the speed, the physicality of the game is going to obviously increase, significantly. We’re going to see that like we’ve seen that the last couple of weeks. For me, nothing is going to change. I’m just going to go out there, trust my tempo, trust my technique. I have a lot of great guys around me that have been doing a great job blocking, snapping and holding.”

Gould did admit that kicking in the cold weather is “like kicking a brick.”

“The ball is just not going to be able to travel as far,” he said. “You just have to be able to manage the hang time and the distance on kickoffs. Making sure that you give the guys on kickoff really good hang and with good direction. On field goals, you just have to know what your distances are, and know how far your limits are. Just trusting that you hit a good ball and it will go in.”

It’s Odell Mysterio

Odell Beckham Jr. just likes to have fun. Here is Beckham hanging out in the locker room Thursday wearing a Luchador mask.

Here he is revealing his identity.

Tuck: Giants will be champs

Former Giant defensive end Justin Tuck, a key player on the team’s last two Super Bowl teams, believes this Giants team will win Super Bowl 51.

"I've been in similar situations where we were the wild card team and no one really gave us a shot and we won the Super Bowl. I see them going to the Super Bowl and winning it.”