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Brett Favre: Sorry Giants, Packers will win Super Bowl 51

Former Packers QB says Green Bay is “team to beat”

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New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers

Brett Favre thinks the New York Giants aren’t long for the 2017 NFC playoffs. That’s because the Hall of Famer thinks the Green Bay Packers will win Super Bowl 51.

Here is what Favre said this week on Sirius XM NFL Radio:

“Taking emotion out of it, I believe the Packers are the team to beat and I believe that they will be in the Super Bowl. Not taking anything away from the Giants, not taking anything away from Atlanta and the Cowboys and so on and so forth, I just feel like within the Packers organization Mike McCarthy may be saying, ‘Hey we got to improve here, we got to improve there,’ of course coaches are going to say that. I feel like, collectively speaking, they’re as close to hitting on all cylinders as possible. Not perfect, and nobody is, but they’re super productive on offense, Aaron [Rodgers] obviously is playing great, they have an opportunistic defense who is extremely well-coached and maybe they give up a few plays, but they’re going to create a bunch, too. I just give the advantage, not just in this game but this side of the NFL to the Packers.”

Favre, of course, might not truthfully be able to take emotion out of it. He did quarterback the Packers for 16 years, getting to two Super Bowls and winning one along the way. He and the Packers did lose an unforgettable overtime game to the Giants at Lambeau in 2008.

So, you can question whether Favre is actually objective here. Let me ask you, Giants’ fans. Are you worried that Favre is right, or do you think his opinion should be discounted because of his ties to Green Bay?