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Senior Bowl: Tight end Evan Engram the next Jordan Reed?

Engram is more receiver than traditional tight end

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Vanderbilt
Evan Engram
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Evan Engram is a tight end who will remind fans of the Washington Redskins’ Jordan Reed. He is an excellent receiver but lacks blocking technique. Engram is showcasing his skills at the Senior Bowl this week.

Evan Engram

(6-foot-3, 235) Ole Miss, Projected round: 3

Q: You played in a pass happy offense. How has this helped you get ready for the pro game?

Engram: You get used to having the ball thrown your way quite a bit. This brings your catches way up. I am also a good open-field runner once I catch the ball and like to run with it.

Q: You have great speed for your height. Does this mean linebackers are no longer assigned to you?

Engram: I have had some games where they bring a safety down in case I run a route. I don’t know about other conferences, but in the SEC the linebackers are pretty fast. And they hit cleaner and try to drive through you. Sometimes I would rather have the safety.

Q: You seem to save your best games against better opponents like Alabama and Florida State. Do you save up your energy for those games?

Engram: That is all with the offensive minds. They see weaknesses usually with someone who can’t cover a tight end as well as other teams. Then, you get thrown the ball more in those situations. I wish it was some magic spell so that I can use some more anytime I want. And if I have a great game against a hard team that means we must be doing good.

Q: Which is your greatest strength – receiving or blocking?

Engram: I still have to work on my blocking, but do a good job out in open spaces. I feel I am a very (good) receiver. I have great hands and rarely have any drops. Unless it is thrown way over my head, I feel that I can catch it and bring it in. My speed also helps me with separation.

Barry Shuck is at the Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing live coverage for Giants fans.

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