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2017 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy

Garcia isn’t a big name right now, but a strong week at the Senior Bowl could change all that

NCAA Football: Troy at Southern Mississippi Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Draft stocks are fluid.

They have changed throughout the college football regular season, and they will change throughout the draft process. Very often draft stocks in the media change the most as they come to reflect the general feelings of the NFL scouting community. For many prospects, post-season all-star games such as the Senior Bowl can have a big impact on their stocks.

The practices and games are an opportunity for lesser known prospects, or prospects who went to smaller schools, to compete at a higher level and raise their visibility to scouts. Sometimes, a player who is almost completely unknown to the national media can leap off the field and to the top of ranking boards.

That is exactly what Troy offensive tackle Antonio Garcia is trying to do. This is a big week for Garcia. Does he have what it takes to give his stock a major boost and put himself on the New York Giants’ radar?



  • NFL frame. Prototypical height, build, and length for an NFL offensive tackle
  • Great feet. Smooth footwork gets good depth in pass protection, ushers speed rushers past the pocket
  • Sets a wide base to anchor against bull rushers
  • Generates good power from his lower body in run blocking
  • Nasty. Plays through the echo of the whistle and always seems to look to finish blocks


  • Athletic build, but will probably need to add weight to stand up to NFL defensive linemen
  • Generally has good hands, but occasionally “catches” defenders. Will need to get more consistent with his punch
  • College offensive scheme might mean that there is a learning curve for NFL blocking schemes

Does He Fit With The Giants?


The Giants probably need to add an offensive tackle, and Garcia looks as good as any in this draft class, and better than most. He will likely need a solid year in an NFL strength and conditioning program to reach his full potential, but his natural feet in pass protection and NFL frame make him look like a starting offensive tackle at the next level.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 47th overall

CBS Sports - 88th overall

Draft Countdown - 76th overall

Draft Tek - 86th overall

Final Thoughts

There is still a lot of work to be done between now and the end of April. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Antonio Garcia is a name to keep an eye on. He might be a sleeper now, but I have a feeling that his days of anonymity are numbered.

NFL teams are constantly on the lookout for left tackle prospects, and while Garcia might still need some development, he has a strong work ethic, a highly competitive demeanor, and has starting left tackle upside.