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Giant Jottings

A collection of social posts, GIFS, off-beat items and some of our best Fanshots and Fanposts.

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Odell Beckham on road to recovery

He's looking pretty good here as he works his way back.

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Show your support for Eli

Pick that up from right here and yours truly shares in the profits.

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Rex Ryan slams Geno Smith

"I love Geno Smith, he's a great guy. I just don't want him playing quarterback for me."
Former Jets coach Rex Ryan, on S...
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Mini-Mac on hand for Giants-Redskins

It's been a rough year, but Ben McAdoo still has at least one loyal supporter.

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The Catch was three years ago today

Happy Thanksgiving, Giants fans! Enjoy remembering this play.

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Happy birthday, Michael Strahan

Happy Birthday @michaelstrahan enjoy the GIANT day. #92 #HOF #Stra #giants #giantspride

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Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan turns 46 today.

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Chiefs Kingdom?

Fans are just beginning to filter into MetLife Stadium, but there are a good number people in KC jerseys coming in. We'll see what the place looks like at game time.

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209 in a row! offers a photo from each of Eli Manning's 208 consecutive starts.

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Justin Pugh helps a neighbor in need

In this UNINTERRUPTED video we learn about Justin Pugh and a very special neighbor, and get a reminder that we all need to try and help those around us.

Big Blue View Radio: Where do the Giants go from here?

Ben McAdoo needs to go, and more

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Umm ... what was this, Eli?

This is not how a 14-year veteran with two Super Bowl MVPs should be playing quarterback. But, it is what happens when two teams with a combined 1-16 record play each other.

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Eli, Peyton on field before Sunday's game

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D.J. Fluker offers some perspective

"You can’t complain about my job. You could be working at Walmart right now making $20,000 a year trying to find a way to survive. We ain’t doing that. We’re getting paid millions of dollars to pla...
Giants' guard D.J. Fluker offeri...

Help! Is there a good answer to this question?

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Deion Sanders: "Eli's not done"

Deion Sanders says "Eli is a byproduct of what's going on around him."

Get your “Ummm” t-shirt

Remember Ben McAdoo’s brilliant answer forever

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This is what bad defense on third-and-33 looks like

Apparently, this hadn't happened in the NFL in 28 years.

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Carrying a message on his back

The hate is real at the stadium

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Happy 25th birthday to Odell Beckham Jr.

Happy Birthday @obj!

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Joan Tisch passes away at 90

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Giants rookies ready for Halloween

Giants rookies celebrated Halloween early on Monday by going to Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey to visit sick children.

VOTE! Was game-changing play a catch? Interception? Incomplete pass?

Huge play goes against Giants, puts game out of reach

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Landon Collins with the spine buster

Landon Collins almost broke Tyler Lockett with this hit.

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JPP gets inspiration from 7-year-old cancer patient

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Giants Out In The Community

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Y.A. Tittle Passes Away

RIP to an all-time great Giant.

PODCAST: Are Philip Rivers And Eli Manning Hall Of Fame QBs?

Talking about that and much more on Big Blue View Radio

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"I'm Never Watching the Giants Again! Never!"

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Geoff Schwartz Breaks Down Eagles Running Game

How did Philly gain nearly 200 yards rushing against the Giants? Ex-NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz breaks it down.

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David Diehl previews Giants-Bucs

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Don La Greca Goes On Epic Rant About Giants Offensive Line

All I can say is if you haven't listened to it, you need to.

“Big Blue Chat” Podcast: Offensive Line, Of Course, The Major Topic

Well, actually, it was pretty much the only topic — and we pulled no punches


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