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Redskins' react to difficult loss

Alex Trautwig

It is always difficult to leave the field with a loss. To lose like the Washington Redskins did Sunday, after capturing a lead with less than two minutes ago, probably feels like robbery.

"Rex told me in the locker room that there are certain games that you will be a part of that you should have won and lost," quarterback Robert Griffin III said. "There are some games that you should have lost and you won. We feel like this is a game that we should have won that we lost."

Griffin threw a touchdown pass to Santana Moss with 1:32 to go in the game to complete a long, tough drive for the Redskins. Griffin was able to complete play after play on this drive including a key fourth and ten conversion, making Pierre-Paul and completing a pass to his tight end.

"Fourth and 10 to Paulsen was a great play. Not many people make that play," head coach Mike Shanahan said. "Then he has the presence to scramble to his right and get extra yardage. Great throw to Santana (Moss) there in the end zone, perfect, right on the money. He's come in, and worked extremely hard to be where he's at right now."

Griffin gave the Giants credit.

"I talked to the defense on the sideline and told them ‘let's end the game in regulation'. It didn't happen," Griffin said. "You can't be shocked or awed by anything that happens on the field. It's football and the ball can bounce different ways on every single play."

Shanahan thought the Redskins were going to win following the Moss touchdown

"Obviously they have to go the distance, and you have a lot of respect for them, but you're hoping that you can play your best football for a minute and a half and they came up with a big play and made that catch," Shanahan said. "They went the distance, and really, credit to them, out-executing us."