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Giants' reaction to RGIII? 'Best quarterback we've played this year'

The New York Giants were impressed by Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. Osi Umenyiora said "no one is going to stop them."

Al Bello

So, what do the New York Giants think of Robert Griffin III after surviving the Washington Redskins, 27-23, Sundayat MetLife Stadium?

"Let me tell you something, man. My guys are flat-out unbelievable. I'm not even going to lie. That's the best quarterback we've played this year, for sure," said Giants' defensive end Osi Umenyiora. "It's just unfortunate that he's a rookie, because he's going to be around here forever, doing stuff like that. That's just crazy."

Griffin completed 20-of-28 passes for 258 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He ran for 89 yards on nine carries.

"He (Griffin) was particular tough considering they came out and they threw a lot of different looks at us that we hadn't seen on film, we hadn't seen in previous weeks," said Giants' linebacker Michael Boley.

The Giants are now 5-2 and lead the NFC East. The Redskins are 3-4, but Umenyiora and the Giants came out of the game knowing that Washington is a team to contend with.

"Everybody is going to have difficulty with the Redskins. Everybody is going to have difficulty with them, especially now. We were able to win this game, which is the most important thing," Umenyiora said. "We won a game in our division, which is something that we came into this game focused on. We were able to accomplish that."

Umenyiora, who has gone from calling Griffin 'Bob' to 'Sir,' said creating turnovers (the Giants forced four) is the only way to slow the Washington offense.

"That's the only way. A top offense they're running. No one is going to stop them, completely. It's just going to be impossible. So, you just have to count on them making some mistakes. Eventually, they will," Umenyiora said.

Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck agreed with Umenyiora.

"I'm pretty mad at the football gods for putting him in the NFC East. To face that guy twice a year is going to be a headache. But, you know, the one thing about it is, a quarterback like that, he is different from the Eli's and those guys, because he presents such a hard, it's just hard to game plan that guy," Tuck said. "He takes away from your enthusiasm for the game a little bit, when you play a play perfectly and he still has 4.3 speed to run by guys and make plays.

"A guy like him, I don't think there is anybody in the league just like him. If I was going to run that offense and they asked me to pick between Vick, Cam Newton, the RGIII, I'm probably taking that guy."

So, the Giants earned a victory. But, they also learned they have a new competitor for NFC East supremacy.