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Victor Cruz: Redskins 'punched us in the mouth' last year

Victor Cruz says the New York Giants will not look past the Washington Redskins this Sunday.

Overlook the Washington Redskins? With an 0-2 record in the NFC East and with the memory of a pair of 2011 losses to the Redskins still fresh, there isn't much chance the New York Giants will do that.

Victor Cruz was on WFAN with Mike Francesa this week, and Francesa asked the extraordinary wide receiver about those 2011 losses:

"Last year they came out and flat-out just punched us in the mouth. We weren't ready for those games and we weren't prepared to play. They were our opener last year and we came down there and we didn't play well. And the second time around, it was tough for us and they stopped our run and they did a good job of playing against us. And it was a tough game," Cruz said. "So this time around, I feel like it's a different team, different mindset that we have, and we're going to be up for this game, no question about it."

Cruz added that the big victory over San Francisco last Sunday on the West Coast should not lead to a letdown:

"Not at all. We need to get a victory in this game and we need to come out early and establish what the game is going to be like," Cruz said. "And I think not only myself and the offense, but the entire team knows what type of game this is going to be. And we've gotta come prepared."

We all know that you can never be 100 percent sure which Giants' team you are going to get each week. Giants' fans can only hope that the one that dominated the San Francisco 49ers is the one that shows up against the Redskins.