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Tom Coughlin Wednesday press conference highlights

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin met the media Wednesday for his weekly press conference. With the Washington Redskins coming to MetLife Stadium Sunday Robert Griffin III was, of course, a major topic of conversation for Coughlin.

We have already discussed the injury news from Coughlin's press briefing. Here are some of the other highlights:

On the Redskins overall ...

"They've played well the entire year. They've scored a lot of points. They're scoring almost 30 points a game. They're giving up some points, but they're playing the run very well. They're plus-nine with four defensive touchdowns, which says a lot about their team. Brandon Banks, their return man, is a very dangerous guy who can go all the way, and of course, Robert Griffin III has energized their offense. They've done a lot with creativity, he runs the option, but he's just as dangerous when, as he did the other day, for 76 yards, just pulls the ball down in drop-back fashion, and runs and gets outside, and no one can catch him. He's probably the fastest guy on the field."

On comparisons between Griffin, Cam Newton and Michael Vick ...

"In terms of the type of option that they run, his option is similar to the one with Cam Newton. Michael Vick is a whole different... Each individual brings to the table something very unique. So, yes, they are different."

On the play of the Giants' offensive line ...

"Well, we've had some success the last couple of weeks running the ball. We've protected the passer well. The passer has...Eli's gotten rid of the ball when pressured. We challenged our offensive team to run the ball, and we've been able to do that, and under very difficult circumstances the last couple of weeks. We're striving, obviously, to get better. Consistency is an issue."