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Giants vs. Redskins: Big Blue View video preview

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Ed Valentine of Big Blue View offers a video preview of Monday's game between the Giants and Redskins.

Against my better judgment, yours truly is dipping his toes more and more into doing a little work for SB Nation's YouTube arm. An old college professor who always tried to get me to go into television work would be glad I'm trying, although I'm not so sure he would be happy with the results of the work.

Anyway, with all of that preamble aside, I put together a little video preview of the Monday Night Football meeting between the New York Giants and Washington Redskins.

We will have much more throughout the day as we wait for a game that -- with a victory -- could give the Giants a commanding lead in the NFC East. A loss, and the Giants will be fighting the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys right down to the wire for the division crown.

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