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New York Giants' Adrian Tracy ready for his number to be called

Stephen Dunn

New York Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck has missed practice this week with a shoulder injury and is listed as questionable for Sunday's do-or-die game against the Baltimore Ravens. Who do the Giants turn to if Tuck can't play?

Adrian Tracy is hoping for that chance. "This is what you want to do. You want to play," said Tracy. "You want to get out on the field and you want to contribue to the team and do anything to help them win."

Rumors circulated that Tracy had rolled his ankle earlier in the week, but nothing has been confirmed. Tracy didn't have any complaints, saying he's prepared for a potential opportunity to play.

"Every week I go into the game plan prepared," said Tracy. "I get my mentality right to focus on what is required of me in the different positions that I fill and that's what you want to be is prepared at all times in case something happens where you're called on."

Tuck hasn't been ruled out for Sunday and made the trip down to Baltimore with the rest of the team. This doesn't mean he's confirmed to play either, and Tracy isn't sure what Tuck's status will be for Sunday. However, he continues to say he's ready if the coaches call him.

"I thought it was a precautionary thing for [Tuck] as far as not practicing and what not, but I'll be ready if I'm called upon, I'll fill my role," said Tracy.

Tracy had significant playing time in 23-6 win against the San Francisco 49ers Week 6. He thought that his role on the team would expand after that game, but as we all know it didn't. "There was a role that was made for me and they thought that I played well at that position and I thought that my role would increase, but in due time. Things happen," said Tracy.

Tuck has been battling shoulder injuries this season and in the past and it wouldn't be a shock if he is ruled out for Sunday. Tracy will likely get another chance to prove his ground on Sunday in the Giants must win against the Baltimore Ravens.