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Kevin Gilbride: Offensive line injuries a concern

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Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is uncertain if injured offensive linemen David Baas and Chris Snee will be able to play Sunday for the New York Giants.


Starting center David Baas and starting right guard Chris Snee have yet to practice for the New York Giants this week. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said Thursday has "no idea" if either player will be in the lineup Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens in a game the Giants have to win.

"We’re hopeful. I know the toughness of the guys and I know their desire to play. Because of that, I’m expecting them to play," Gilbride said. "They haven’t practiced and we haven’t seen them out there on the field. I think they’ll play, but that’s just my confidence in them because of the type of people that they are."

[Full Kevin Gilbride transcript]

Baas is battling hip and shoulder injuries, while Snee has a hip injury that limited his playing time Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Jim Cordle filled in for Snee last week when Snee sat out part of the game.

"Jimmy tried. He battled, he fought, he gave it everything he had. When someone does that, I’m never disappointed. As long as you’re giving your best…and he certainly does that," Gilbride said.