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Giants vs. Eagles: The rivalry, from the Giants' perspective

New York Giants' players understand that playing the Philadelphia Eagles is different for them than playing other NFL teams. Here, they talk about the rivalry.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles. If this was college football it would be called 'Rivalry Week.' Because, for the Giants this has become the rivalry. Moreso than Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles are the team the Giants have fought most for NFC East supremacy, and suffered most at the hands of.

Tom Coughlin is 9-9 against the Eagles as a head coach, 7-9 with the Giants. Both teams have three NFC East titles. The Giants, though, have those two shiny Lombardi trophies to lord over Philadelphia.

Face facts. Giants' fan don't like Eagles' fans. Eagles' fans don't like Giants' fans. We know that. But, what do Giants' players think of the rivalry? Here is a sampling of what players have said this week about facing Philadelphia.

Giants' lineman David Diehl, who won't play because of a knee injury:

"It's definitely tough missing this game. Each and every year, this is one of the games...the rivalry, the tradition of playing each other, the dislike of one another. This is a game that you love playing because it's going to be a fight for 60 minutes."

Giants' defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who has his own personal fued with Eagles' running back LeSean McCoy:

"It's big. It's huge. Obviously, there's a lot of animosity between the two teams because of the way some of the games have turned out and they're a good team. They're desperate for a win right now, obviously we're more desperate for a win ourselves, so it's going to be a great game."

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin:

"There has been some unbelievable football games played between these two teams, when I was here as an assistant and it certainly has continued since I've been here as the head coach. These games are extremely close games, they always are. They're fourth quarter wins, one way or the other. We talk about hitting the goal post with field goals and I was reflecting on that incredible overtime win down there a few years ago. That was just a great, great football game. These games go to the wire, and these teams play hard against each other. It's in the division, it's a rival. It seems like each one of the teams in our division, there's a unique rivalry with each one of these teams. Certainly with the Philadelphia Eagles it is that way, for sure."

Giants' running back Ahmad Bradshaw:

"They're right up the street from us. It's like a backyard brawl. That's just how we take it. All week, just getting prepared, knowing that they have great athletes on their team and at any time they could be playing great football. We just need to be prepared and go in prepared."

Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz on playing in Philly:

"It's pretty crazy. Obviously those fans don't like us very much, they make sure we hear it every time we're out there warming up and coming out of the tunnel. On every snap, every play, it's intense. You can cut the tension with a knife in the stadium, it's always a great place to play when you're under that pressure and you feel good about it. You want to go out there and make the play."

Giants' quarterback Eli Manning on playing in Philly:

"It's a great atmosphere. It really is. It's tough and it's loud. The fans are unique, but it can be a fun place to play, and we have to go in there and have great communication between our offensive line. Those guys have to be loud. If we're making checks, making different calls, everybody's got to be on the same page. It makes the experience of playing Philadelphia very interesting."