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Corey Webster: Cast won't keep him from playing Sunday

Cornerback Corey Webster will play Sunday for the New York Giants despite having a broken right hand.

Al Bello - Getty Images

The New York Giants have a laundry list of defensive backs who either definitely won't play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles or could be limited by injuries. Corey Webster, broken right hand and all, is not one of those players.

Webster has other problems. Problems you might not ordinarily associate with a professional football player. Like writing. And eating.

You know, I've been practicing writing with my left. It's a little challenging, but you know, it's coming along," Webster said Friday. "Eating is fine, I'm doing alright."

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The Giants need the veteran Webster on Sunday against the Eagles' duo of Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Rookie cornerback Jayron Hosley, who started the past two games, is out with a hamstring injury. Cornerback Michael Coe (hamstring) and safety Antrel Rolle (knee) are questionable.

The Giants' secondary has been changing on a weekly basis this season due to injuries, and Webster isn't concerned. "We've been doing this for the last couple of years actually," Webster said.

Webster said that, football-wise, catching the ball is his only real concern. He has to do that with his left hand.

"It is what it is, to get there and knock it down is easy, but I like catching if I can. I think that will be the hardest thing," Webster said. "I've been practicing on catching the ball one-handed. That's what I do, so I mean, I'm expecting to have a few more balls come my way, and you know, that's a great opportunity for me. Hopefully I can make the best of those opportunities."

One good hand or not, the Giants need Webster's best on Sunday night.

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