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Reasons to Celebrate: Forcing the turnovers

The Giants took advantage of six turnovers by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Ronald Martinez

The game Sunday between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys game was, in a cliche statement, an emotional roller coaster. The Giants started off hot, let the 'Boys come back, and were up and down to the final second.

There's no question that the Giants-Cowboys game on Sunday was hard to watch. The Giants managed to pull off a 29-24 victory in dramatic fashion that would make your blood pressure rise.

There was sloppy play on the Giants part here and there, but there was one bright spot to take from this game. The Giants forced six turnovers throughout the entire game, including forcing Tony Romo to throw four interceptions.

Stevie Brown led the pack in interceptions collecting two. One came in the first half when he read a play beautifully where Romo attempted a pass to Dez Bryant. As Bryant waited for the pass, Brown ran from behind and caught the ball in front of him. With 6:45 left in the game, Brown also recovered a Felix Jones fumble.

Without question, Brown was the unsung hero of this game.

Despite his struggles throughout the day, Corey Webster did nab an interception when Romo attempted a pass to Miles Austin. Finally there's Jason Pierre-Paul. He beautifully read a Romo pass and intercepted it, running it back for a touchdown.

Despite the inconsistent play throughout the game, the defense was able to come through when it needed to and force turnovers. With the offense having its struggles, imagine if they were able to put seven points in response to these turnovers instead of three.

Next week the Giants face the Pittsburgh Steelers. Forcing turnovers will again be a key part of the plan.

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