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Instant Analysis: The Giants are just lucky, of course

Tom Pennington

New York Giants' co-owner John Mara summed up the team's 29-24 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday perfectly.

"Sometimes you have to win games by an inch or two, and this one's literally by an inch."

I don't know about you guys, but I can hear the whining now without visiting Blogging The Boys. The Giants are lucky. They didn't win. The Cowboys lost. Or, really, Dez Bryant's fingertips lost. The Giants aren't really any good despite being 6-2. They barely beat Tampa Bay. They barely beat Washington.

Yep. Those New York Giants. They sure are lucky. They were just lucky Dallas turned the ball over six times. Or Washington turned it over a bunch of times the week before. Good things sure do happen to them an awful lot. Considering how bad they are and all.

Actually, they might have been very lucky Sunday. Bryant's catch never should have happened. He only had an opportunity because of some atrocious coverage in the secondary, with Corey Webster looking like the most guilty party on Bryant' play.

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And you know, maybe there is some luck involved in the Giants' success during the Coughlin era. Plenty of strange things have happened that have worked in the Giants' favor.

Then again, when you are good, which the Giants are, and do things the right way, which they do, good things tend to happen to you.

So, the Giants won't care who says they were lucky Sunday. Or, who says they don't believe the Giants are a dominant team.

The Giants are 6-2 and leading the NFC East at the halfway point. Whether you think luck had anything to do with it doesn't matter. Those are the facts.