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Giants 41, Browns 27: Post-game quotes

Elsa - Getty Images

Here are some of the reactions following the New York Giants' 41-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

David Wilson on his first career touchdown, a 40-yard run: [Full transcript]

"I just saw it open up. Any time I get to use my speed, I'm going to use it. The offensive line and my fullback did a great job, and I just cut off my fullback, Henry (Hynoski). Next thing you know, I'm in the end zone."

Chase Blackburn: [Full transcript]

Q: Does 14-0 make you think "what is going on here?"
A: Not really. We knew exactly what happened with those two. We had a fumble early, got backed up, had two runs that weren't in the best situation and we didn't fit up quite right , we ran a little differently. The big play, we had one breakdown and that's 14 points. That's how it happens in this league. Big play offenses and for us it was just a matter of settling in on the sideline. We got together and knew that when our offense is capable, we're going to put up points, we just had to settle in as a defense and get some stops strung t

Rueben Randle: [Full transcript]

What does it mean to be able to step up in a big spot?
It felt pretty good. I just came in and did my job. It wasn't anything special, just an opportunity came that I could take advantage of.

When you come out with a performance like that does it feel a little bit better?
I guess it just proves what I can do, without a doubt. I just wanted to come out and just prove my ability to my coaching staff and my teammates.

Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden on the interception by Stevie Brown of the Giants:

"We were trying to get off the line quick, and get a quick shot to the flat, and they covered it well. I was just trying to make a play; it was stupid. I should've airmailed it; let Phil (Dawson) kick a field goal. That was obviously one throw I want back. That was a frustrating one for me."

Cleveland running back Trent Richardson:

"We had a strong start, but one thing we've got to do is keep our foot on the pedal, we've got to make sure we finish the game. ... I thought it was going to be a good day. I'm not saying it was a good day, but the Giants have a real good defense, and you know a lot of people are not going to have that many yards or have much success when they are going against the Giants defense. You know, they weren't the Super Bowl champs for nothing."