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Giants 27, Browns 17: Second-half open thread

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

A first half that started horribly ended with the New York Giants ahead of the Cleveland Browns, 27-17.

The Browns scored twice in the first five minutes of the game, taking advantage of an Ahmad Bradshaw fumble and hitting a 62-yard touchdown pass to Josh Gordon.

The Giants scored the last five times they touched the ball, getting three touchdowns and two field goals.

Your first-half stars.

  • Stevie Brown with a pair of game-changing plays, a critical interception on third-and-one deep in Giants' territory and a fumble recovery on the ensuing kickoff.
  • Victor Cruz with two touchdown catches.
  • Rueben Randle with five receptions for 78 yards.
  • Manning, who is 15-for-22 for 178 yards and two scores.
  • Bradshaw, who has 80 yards on 15 carries, rebounding nicely from his fumble.

Aside, incidentally, from the play of Brown the Giants' defense gets a first-half 'Wet Willie.' The Browns have done pretty much what they wanted, and Cleveland has pretty much stopped itself since those first two possessions with penalties and the two turnovers.

This, obviously, is your second-half open thread.