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Browns' coach Pat Shurmur knows the Giants well

Cleveland Browns' head coach Pat Shurmur was a long-time assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles and understands the New York Giants well.

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For the Cleveland Browns, success has not come to them early looks like a difficult one for the Browns (0-4). Cleveland head coach Pat Shurmur knows beating the New York Giants this Sunday at MetLife Stadium, and specifically stopping quarterback Eli Manning, will be quite the challenge.

"I have a great deal of respect for Eli," Shurmur said. "At any point in the game, Eli can get hot, and he has the confidence to lead his team to victory. I'm sure the guys in the huddle with him know that."

Shurmur knows that Manning is not the only threat the Giants have. Having been a coach on the Philadelphia Eagles staff for several years and facing the Giants at least 20 times during that time frame, Shurmur knows how dangerous the defensive front four can be.

"When you talk about the Giants' defense, of course, it's very easy, and the right thing to do, to start up front. That group there is very accomplished," Shurmur said. "There's a mixture of youth, there's a mixture of age and experience, and really to a man, they all have the skill and ability to be fine players, whether they're at defensive tackle or defensive end."

Shurmur heads into the game with his rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden having yet to win an NFL game. Shurmur, however, believes his quarterback is improving week by week.

"I think he's displayed, at least to me, that he's improving. I think now he has to improve and put together a winning performance, much like Eli," Shurmur said.

While Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin claims the Browns are better than their record, Shurmur takes a different viewpoint.

" I'm pretty much a, 'you are what you are' type guy. I understand what our record is," Shurmur said. "I understand what this team has and the character that we have. We're going to continue to keep fighting."

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