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Jason Pierre-Paul injury update: JPP, Tom Coughlin finally talk

Coach "glad to hear" Pierre-Paul's voice.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Hell didn't freeze over on Saturday, but New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin did finally speak with wayward defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who is staying away from the team as he recuperates after losing a finger in a Fourth of July fireworks accident.

"Everybody has had a good conversation with him, and mine was the same. Do I know any more than I did before? No. Do I know when he's coming? He's looking forward to coming, he's anxious to be here, but he's not going to come until he feels like he's ready to be able to play," Coughlin said. "It could be whatever amount of time, I'm not even going to speculate. I was glad to hear his voice, he sounded good, he sounded interested in wanting to get back here. His baby and his fiancé are doing well. He wishes he was here, too."

Pierre-Paul is, of course, recovering after having his right index finger amputated following the fireworks mishap. Technically, Pierre-Paul is not a Giant as he has not signed the franchise tag tender. While he has now had communication with Coughlin, GM Jerry Reese, defensive line coach Robert Nunn and some teammates, Pierre-Paul has yet to visit the Giants, let them examine his damaged hand or see his medical records.

Pierre-Paul, of course, can avoid being placed on the Non-Football Injury list if he stays away from the Giants until he is ready to play.

Coughlin called it a "positive thing" that Pierre-Paul is communicating with the team.

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