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George Selvie: JPP is "going to be here"

George Selvie speaks with the media.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

Having quality depth at any position is tough in the NFL as it is without having firework injuries to worry about. And while the Giants didn't have any Fourth of July insurance plans for their players, they did have the foresight to acquire quality depth. Two months ago, no one was sure if Selvie would even make the team. Training camp has just begun and Selvie went from depth insurance to playing with the first-team defense. However, Selvie won't expect this to last as he shows a lot of confidence in the return of Jason Pierre-Paul.

As with every Giant during these media sessions, Selvie was asked to give his thoughts on the Jason Pierre-Paul situation. Selvie is very confident his former college teammate at South Florida will return.

"I talked to Jason. He’s doing well, he is just trying to get healthy, so we’re just waiting on him to get healthy and come back and join the team....You know, that’s all up to him. That’s out of my control. He has to feel like he’s healthy again and when he’s ready to come back, he’ll be back."

Selvie is also re-uniting with Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

"I got drafted by Spags in St. Louis and just coming back here and being with Jason, and a great defensive line. I liked the defense. I thought it was a great opportunity for me here and that’s why I decided to come here," Selvie said.

While many are skeptical on the Giants' defense, Selvie actually saw it as a positive because it is being led by Spaguolo. He believes the defensive line can be great, and history shows what happens if Spagnuolo has a great defensive line. Selvie is a fan of Spagnuolo.

"In St. Louis he was a head coach, so it was different. I see him as a defensive coordinator now. He’s more hands on with us and stuff like that," Selvie said. "It’s great to have him teaching this defense the way he wants it to be taught."

At this point for the defensive ends, it's all hands on deck until the return of JPP. In the blink of an eye Selvie went from expendable to needing him to be dependable. If Spagnuolo can work his magic on the defensive line once more, Selvie might make the wait for JPP less painful.