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Giants training camp: CB Jayron Hosley takes a step forward

Cornerbacks coach Tim Walton says the Giants are trying to rebuild the fourth-year cornerback's confidence.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The horror of Jayron Hosley's preseason last year is still freshly engraved in the minds of New York Giants fans. It would be a hard task to find cornerbacks abused as much as Hosley during last year's preseason. Coupled with his four-game suspension for violating substance abuse policies, many Giants fan have given up on him. This, however, his is a new year, with new coaches and a new defense. Everyone gets a fresh start and Hosley might  benefit from it. Tim Walton, the new secondary/cornerback coach sees potential in the former third-round pick.

"He is doing good. The thing about it is it starts with confidence and technique and the approach to the game, study habits, so we start from ground zero and go through the steps of getting to be a good player," Walton said. "We just go through each day to make sure we are having building blocks and he is a very coachable kid, he is buying into it, he is working, improving each day and I just try to give daily feedback on what I see. I try to be honest with him and he is taking a good step so far."

After three up-and-down seasons with the Giants, the Giants are starting over with Hosley. He is playing exclusively on the outside after being used mostly in the slot since the Giants drafted him.

"The first thing with that is starting to gain confidence back. But how do we do that? It is about doing all the little things, alignment, communication, study habits, all the little things that prepare you so when you get on the field you are prepared for the things you are going to see and he is doing all the little things to take that approach," Walton said. "I can see a change, I wasn’t here last year but I can see a step forward on his approach."

While studying the smaller and more intricate details of the game is essential, it will be for naught if the system is flawed. For example, Perry Fewell's history has not been kind when evaluating his secondaries over the years. Prince Amukamara even admitted that every year the defense has gone through communication issues. Possibly the biggest help for Hosley might be moving to a different scheme. After all, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has said in the spring that the Giants scheme is "corner friendly."

"Yeah, it is a multiple defense. We are going to have opportunities over there to make plays but what happens is, is you have to understand all facets of the defense because when it is your time to cover, we need to be able to do that," Walton said. "When it is time to pressure, when it is time tackle, so it is a deal where they are going to be very involved with the overall scheme with the defense. The thing we stress is being complete football players."

With the Giants in need of cornerback depth behind Amukamara and Rodgers-Cromartie, it might be premature to lose faith in Hosley.