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Weston Richburg (knee), Victor Cruz (calf) won't practice today for Giants

Tom Coughlin, as usual, runs down the list of injured Giants

Weston Richburg
Weston Richburg
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

-- UPDATED with complete quotes from Tom Coughlin

Center Weston Richburg (left knee) and wide receiver Victor Cruz (calf) won't practice Wednesday for the New York Giants. Rueben Randle will.

For Richburg, this appears to be a recurrence of the knee issue that plagued him earlier in camp.

"Certainly it is concerning; it is always concerning, but he is not going to be able to go today so I don't know what else to say to you," said head coach Tom Coughlin.

Coughlin said that Randle is "fighting his way through" his knee tendinitis and that "today will be a better day for him."

Collins, returning from an MCL sprain, did little on Monday. Coughlin said "he did enough."

"They wanted to take him and work him and just see him on the side and I think he passed all the tests, so he is going to get some time today," Coughlin said.

Here is more of what we learned from Coughlin on Wednesday.

On how much starters will play against the New York Jets ...

"We have played our people a little bit more this preseason. The third game, obviously, is an important game, just like any of them are but as far as advancing our people, we'll play a half. There may be some that extend and there may be some that won't not play a full half, but by and large, we'll plan on playing a half and a half."

On what he wants to see from the offense on Saturday ...

"It is continued improvement for me. The timing of the passing game is not there yet, and it's got to happen. I thought our protection did a nice job early on. We'll be tested this week, the Jets have an outstanding pressure package---they also have an outstanding front, a big front, so we are going to be tested with regards to that, too. That brings up the idea of some kind of consistency with your run game. We have got to have that. We had it at times the other night; we need it more often but we are going up against a very good front, so those would be the ways, you mentioned offense, where we would be looking to see us make progress."

On whether defenses are "gunning" for Odell Beckham Jr. ...

"I wouldn't use those words. Obviously there is a difference between -- people are always going to recognize someone who has the type of season that he had and they are going to do things to defend that. As far as gunning for him -- you know the continuous of making plays [and] earning the respect of the opponents by doing it over time, proving as a rookie you made these plays and now the continuation of that, and I think that is what the rest of the league will see out of Odell this year."