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Giants' Coughlin "concerned" about Victor Cruz, wants more urgency from his team

What did we learn from Tom Coughlin on Tuesday?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin on Tuesday updated the status of wide receiver Victor Cruz and other players, said he wants more urgency from his team, and added that the team's punting job is an open competition.

Here are five takeaways from Coughlin's daily press briefing.

"Concerned" about Victor Cruz

Coughlin said he doesn't know when wide receiver Victor Cruz, whose comeback from a torn patellar tendon hit a bump last week with a calf injury, would return to practice.

"I'm concerned, yeah," Coughlin said."Obviously there were a couple of slotted opportunities there that didn't take place.

"I would like to see him get out there and be able to stay out there, that's what our real intent is. As soon as that can be done then that's what will happen."

Coughlin did not officially rule Cruz out for Saturday's preseason game against the New York Jets.

More injury updates

Landon Collins (knee), Nat Berhe (calf) and Cooper Taylor (toe) will return to practice. All will considered "limited." Rueben Randle is expected to return to practice on Wednesday. Coughlin had no update on the status of linebacker Jon Beason (sprained knee).

Punter competition is "open"

Veteran punter Steve Weatherford had a rough 2014 season, dealing with torn ankle ligaments and eventually a back injury. Former New York Jets punter Robert Malone is in camp, and Coughlin said there is a legitimate competition between the two for the punting job.

"It is open," Coughlin said. "It should be looked at that way be everybody. I don't care how many years in the league when you come to camp it's competitive and you have lots of people trying for the same job.

"We would certainly like to see it the way we hope to expect it on game day during the regular season. I'm hoping that improves."

In two preseason games, Weatherford has punted seven times for an average of 45.1 yards, with one kick inside the 20-yard line. Malone has punted four times for an average of 46.3 yards, with one inside the 20. Both Weatherford and Malone have been used as the holder for placekicker Josh Brown.

On the signing of Ashlee Palmer

Coughlin admitted that the veteran's linebacker's durability, having played 80 straight regular-season games, was part of the reason the Giants signed the 29-year-old.

"He worked out very well, and I do like the fact that he's played without injury for quite some time," Coughlin said. "That could of been the reason right there."

Looking for some urgency

The regular season is looming, less than three full weeks away at this point. Coughlin wants to see some urgency from his team. In this case, Coughlin was asked specifically about Odell Beckham not catching a pass in five targets. He pointed to a drop and another ball he thought Beckham had a chance for.

"You worry about everything," Coughlin said. "There has to be a little bit of a sense of urgency right now. We're a couple of weeks away from lining up. I'd like to see things done well, done right, whoever it is. It doesn't matter if it's Odell or some of the rookies. When it doesn't go the way it's supposed to go, and we've been at this for a couple of weeks, why doesn't it go that way?"

Coughlin indicated that part of the issue is lack of practice time for many key players.

"The practice part of this thing has got to be understood, and it's got to be done right, and it's got to be done with a sense of urgency," he said.