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Giants training camp: Ben McAdoo has confidence in Marshall Newhouse

Do with that information what you will.

Ben McAdoo
Ben McAdoo
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo differs from many Giants fans in one important way. Well, maybe two. It's his job to make offensive decisions for the Giants, not just to second-guess and complain about the ones that get made. Oh, and the second one is that McAdoo actually trusts Marshall Newhouse. The Giants fan base? Not so much.

That, of course, is because McAdoo was an offensive assistant for the Green Bay Packers while Newhouse played in 47 games for Green Bay, starting 31 of those. During Newhouse's two seasons as a full-time starting left tackle in Green Bay the Packers went 26-6 in the regular season.

"He's growing, he's getting comfortable with the men around him, and he and John Jerry are working well together. After that, we have a couple guys in the mix. One guy isn't practicing at this point in time and we're going to continue to develop and see really how the preseason games go," McAdoo said on Wednesday. "Practice is practice, but when the lights come on we need to see guys play and play well. I have confidence in Marshall, I've been around him at a different spot before, and he's an athletic guy. He's a smart guy and I look forward to him growing in the offense."

Asked about the status of Geoff Schwartz, McAdoo said the question was "tough to answer."

"I need to see Geoff play. He's coming off of a major injury," McAdoo said. "He needs to get back out on the field and needs to do it on a consistent basis."

The takeaway from that? Let's not bury Newhouse in the competition for the starting right tackle job just yet. And let's not automatically consider Schwartz part of the starting five, either.

Here are a couple of other takeaways from McAdoo's Wednesday press briefing.

Bobby Hart gets noticed

The Giants have been trying for years now to hit on an offensive lineman in the late rounds of the draft, without success. Could they finally have found their guy in seventh-round pick Bobby Hart?

"Bobby is a young talented man. He's a rookie and has to figure some things out, but I think he has some ability and at some point in time may be able to help us," McAdoo said.

Wide receiver competition "up in the air"

McAdoo is just as interested as everyone else to see which wide receivers emerge from the preseason with spots on the roster.

"I see it as it's all up in the air right now. There's a lot guys in, a lot of guys out, a lot of opportunities for young guys," McAdoo said. "It's who takes advantage of it is going to get the nod, I would think."