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Giants at Bengals 2015: Predict the final score

Go ahead, see if you get it right!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Your friendly SB Nation football sites are trying a little something new this preseason. We're trying out a widget called 'The Crowd's Line' that allows you to predict the score of games. There are only a couple of hours before your New York Giants face the Cincinnati Bengals in their preseason opener, but give it a try.

The widget will accept scores up until kickoff. It will show you what Bengals' fans at Cincy Jungle think the score will be, and it will show you the Vegas line. At the end of the game it will show you the final score.

We don't really care about the final score, but we do actually care about testing out the widget to see if it is something we want to use during the regular season. So, give it a try.