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Giants' Odell Beckham still wants to get better

Odell Beckham is looking for ways to get better as he goes through his first training camp.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham had one of the, if not the, best seasons that any rookie receiver has had in the history of the league.

Beckham's 91 receptions, 1,305 yards, 12 touchdowns were good enough for numerous franchise and league records, Offensive Rookie of The Year, and a trip to Hawaii to play in the Pro Bowl.

All before his first preseason game.

And despite only playing in 12 games, Beckham still turned in a rookie season for the ages, rivaled only by Randy Moss for the greatest rookie season by a wide receiver in league history. His performance over the final nine games of the season were enough to plant the fear of Odell firmly in the hearts of defenses everywhere.

But what is truly scary -- or wonderful, depending on your point of view -- is the notion that Beckham can get better.

Following the joint practices between the Giants and the Cincinnati Bengals, cornerback Adam Jones said that though Beckham is a "good player" and he "likes to compete", he also said that Beckham is no A.J. Green.

When asked about Jones' comments, the Giants' receiver humbly agreed

"Of course, A.J. has been doing this for four years. He's been consistent for four years. Just find a way to be consistent and hopefully you reach a point where A.J.'s at."

How Beckham compares to Green might already be a matter of debate, but what about the 2015 season? Will Beckham continue to improve? According to the player himself, that's the plan.

"In certain ways, I do feel that I'm better. I feel that I've learned more, I've seen things. I'm still, all in all, I'm a young player, and I still have things that I definitely have to work on. I always want to continue to improve. So I try to find those things, I try to find those weaknesses, and really work on them. But it's tough when some of your biggest weaknesses are your biggest strengths."

And what are Beckham's weaknesses (or is it strengths?)

"Rain" Beckham said to the assembled reporters with a laugh.

"Just, my passion for the game gets in the way sometimes. Anger and all those things come into play, and it doesn't always work in my favor. But then again, it also helps me out in a lot of other ways. You know, it comes out and it brings out the best in me. So finding a way to channel that anger and that passion is what I'm really working on."

Beckham's passion, the edge that he plays with, has often become a subject of debate when discussing the player. It is a very fine line for both the Giants and Beckham to walk. We have seen how Beckham's passion and electric play can ignite the team.

But we have also seen how his exuberance can put a target on his back.

One of the understated challenges facing the Giants is channeling his passion without blunting the edge that makes him so electrifying.