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Giants Training Camp 2015: Eli Manning isn't into contract comparing

Eli Manning talks about the Giants potentially explosive offense and his contract. Sorta.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of the New York Giants training camp is officially under way, and Eli Manning was one of several players who were made available to the media. There were two main issues that Eli was asked about: How potent the Giants' offense could be, and the status of his contract.

The contract, of course, is something of an elephant in the room after Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks signed a four-year, $87.6 million extension Friday morning. When asked about the status of his contract, Eli was his usual unflappable self:

"You'd have to ask the Giants or ask my agent. That's not my concern. I don't get too involved with that stuff." Eli said, adding "Right now my concern is getting on this practice field for our first practice. I'm excited about that and just let the business side of it just work itself out."

And when asked if he is keeping an eye on other contracts, such as the extension signed by Russell Wilson, as a benchmark for his own deal, Eli was Eli. "No. No, I'm not into the comparison about how much money you're making. That's not my concern."

What is Eli's concern? Winning football games, and he is excited to get to work with all the weapons in the second year of the Ben McAdoo offense.

"Yeah, as far as I can think of (the most explosive group of weapons he has had). I think we have some talented guys on offense, talented receivers, talented running backs, guys that are very multiple at running back; catch the ball out of the backfield, move them around, good group of tight ends, the receivers. Yeah, I think there are a lot of weapons. We just need everybody to play up to their ability, I've got to do a good job and we've got to put it on the field and make it work."

He was then asked how excited he is to have Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz on the field at the same time, and Eli's response was, perhaps, predictable.

"It's good. I think having Victor and Odell and Rueben (Randle) and Larry (Donnell) and Shane (Vereen) and Rashad (Jennings), it's about having all of them and all of them playing at a high level. Seeing what the defense will do, their adjustments and how they'll try to dart them off. It's great to have weapons, it's great to have talent and hopefully we can keep them all out there, keep them all healthy and get the best from them."

And despite Odell Beckham's meteoric rise to super-stardom, Eli wanted to emphasize that they are concentrating on the offense as a whole, not one part of it.

"I'm just excited to get him back on the field and continue to work with him and see how we can grow, how he can grow within the offense, how he can get better and just get more advanced within the offense. Just see how—it's not just about him, it's about all the receivers. All the receivers growing, myself growing within the offense and being able to put guys in different positions, move them around, create different match-ups, different looks and get the best out of all of them."