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Giants training camp: Prince Amukamara on communication issues

"Every year it seems as if we’ve had a communication problem." Prince Amukamara evaluates the old defense and speaks on how to improve for 2015.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

"Have we worked to eliminate the big play? Yes, we have. Have we been able to do that? No, we haven't."

Former New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell uttered these words in review of his defense. The big play wasn't just a thorn in his side, but a dagger. The problem here though, is that this quote is from an interview in 2012 which highlights the yearly and consistent issue of giving up the big play for the Giants. This past season, the Giants have given up the second most passing plays of 25 yards or more. Thursday Prince Amukamara admitted had noticed the yearly struggle of giving up long plays.

"I think it was a communication issue, and there were a couple of times where that guy gets paid, too, and that guy just made a play on someone on our defense. The only thing that we can control is our effort and getting on the right page. Every year it seems as if we’ve had a communication problem, so our goal is to limit that this season," Amukamara said.,

The hope is to limit these communication breakdowns in the new scheme under Steve Spagnuolo. However, that might not be an easy task considering the inexperience of the safeties on the Giants' roster. As the longest tenured veteran Giant of the secondary, it is now Amukamara's job to lead these young safeties. Amukamara showed confidence in the group.

"It just all depends -- if it is two rookies, I think it just depends on what they show us. If they show us that they can handle it and they don’t need us to talk to them a lot, then we’ll adjust. But I would say that Coach Spags knows the type of personnel he has to work with, and you do have two veteran cornerbacks who are pretty good, so he might try to lock me and DRC up so there’s not a lot of pressure on those guys, but we don’t really know yet."

One of the biggest goals to accomplish in this training camp is for the secondary to come together and get comfortable playing with one another. Communication issues must be a thing of the past if the Giants hope to get anywhere in 2015.