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Giants training camp 2015: Are they better at wide receiver?

This is the last of the offensive positions on our list.

Victor Cruz, Corey Washington and Odell Beckham during minicamp.
Victor Cruz, Corey Washington and Odell Beckham during minicamp.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

If there is a single position at which the 2015 New York Giants could possess an embarrassment of riches, it would be wide receiver. Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle and more. Let's look at wide receiver, the last of our offensive position previews entering the Giants 2015 training camp.

2014 Depth Chart

Wide receiver 1 Wide receiver 2 Slot
Odell Beckham Jr. Rueben Randle Victor Cruz
Preston Parker Preston Parker Preston Parker
Corey Washington Corey Washington Kevin Ogletree

2015 Depth Chart

This is a projection leading into training camp. Some reserve players will be listed in more than one slot.

Wide Receiver 1 Wide Receiver 2 Slot
Odell Beckham Jr. Rueben Randle Victor Cruz
Corey Washington/Preston Parker Washington/Parker Dwayne Harris
Geremy Davis Geremy Davis Preston Parker
Juron Criner/Chris Harper Julian Talley Ben Edwards

The question we have been asking throughout or series of position previews is "Are the Giants better" at that particular spot. If the Giants can get Beckham, Cruz and Randle to be healthy, productive and on the field at the same time the answer is an easy "yes."

We have waited for that ever since the Giants made Beckham the 12th overall selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, and really we have yet to see it. Sure, Cruz and Beckham played together for one game and part of a second last season, but does that even count? Blink and you probably missed it.

Throughout Beckham's historic 12-game stretch last season -- the stretch that catapulted him to AP Offense Rookie of the Year and to superstar status -- we wondered what would happen if the Giants receiving corps was whole. How much fun would it be to watch if the Big Three were healthy and able to play together? Cross your fingers that we find out in 2015.

We know how good Beckham is. He is as talented as any receiver in the game. He basically pulled an Allen Iverson last year, having a rookie season unlike any the NFL has ever seen with virtually no practice.We know how good Cruz was. Until Beckham showed up Cruz might have been on his way to being the best wide receivers the Giants franchise ever had. If he can be close to the nearly uncoverable route-running wizard he was from 2011-2013 the Cruz-Beckham combo is a scary one for defensive coordinators to think about. And what of Randle? The guy might be the third wheel in this group, but he is also an incredible talent. And he's a pretty good player, too, when his head is screwed properly onto his shoulders. Randle had 71 catches last season and three 100+ yard receiving games, including back-to-back ones in the final two weeks of the season.

The receiving riches don't stop there for the Giants, though. They brought in Dwayne Harris from the Dallas Cowboys, and they will give him every chance to make more of a receiving impact that he did while wearing a star on his helmet. Harris had only seven catches last season, and his career-best is 17, which was in 2012. Expect a career-high in catches from Harris, maybe 30 or more.

The Giants also have Preston Parker, who played admirably last season with 36, second-year man Corey Washington the fan favorite who seems to have everything he needs except a real opportunity, sixth-round pick Geremy Davis, impressive undrafted free agent Ben Edwards and a trio of players -- Julian Talley, Juron Criner and Chris Harper -- with NFL experience.

The Giants will be better in their starting group if the Big Three are healthy. They are also deeper than they were a season ago.