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Giants Free Agency: An eerily quiet day

Another safety off the market.

Darian Stewart
Darian Stewart
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

It is nearly 4 p.m. ET as I write this. Do you know where the New York Giants free agents are? It has been an eerily quiet day on the free agency front for the Giants. Not only have they not signed any new players as of yet, or even re-signed any of their old ones, not a peep has been heard about visits beings scheduled with or even interest being shown in any potential free-agent targets.

Meanwhile, there are things going on in the free agency world.

Meanwhile, it's all quiet in East Rutherford. There certainly has to be a plan, and you can't accuse the Giants of complete inaction after five signings on Day 1 of free agency. Impatient fans want action, though, and right now the Giants aren't giving it to them.

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