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Giants at Cowboys 2015: "Spa Day" replaces Friday practice

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Yep, Tom Coughlin is really whipping Big Blue into game shape.

Elsa/Getty Images

How are the New York Giants preparing for Sunday's season-opener against the Dallas Cowboys? Are they ramping up with one final full practice before boarding a plane on Saturday and heading to Arlington, TX.? Nope. The Giants will have a recovery day on Friday, what some have begun to call a "Spa Day."

Rather than hitting the field to work through the game plan for Sunday night Giants' players will be hitting the massage table, the hot tub and a variety of other stations designed to get their bodies right heading into Sunday.

"It's what we call a GPS week. We're going to follow through with that. We did that for our third preseason game, and we'll do it here, too," head coach Tom Coughlin said.

Coughlin was referring to GPS monitoring equipment players wear during practices to track a variety of health-related data.

The Giants practiced in full pads Wednesday and held what Coughlin said was a "much longer" practice on Thursday. After Friday's "Spa Day," the Giants will practice on Saturday, going somewhat more up-tempo than a traditional day before game walk-thru.

"Saturday changes. Saturday becomes a full-speed drill for a minimum amount of time. But it does put them in the mode where they've gone full speed the day before they play," Coughlin said. "All these things are being done for the health issue, that's what this is all about."

The Giants, of course, have led the league in Adjusted Games Lost to injuries for two straight seasons, setting AGL records along the way. The incredible number of injuries, of course, has to be part of the reason the Giants have suffered back-to-back losing seasons.

Will this change help? Only time will tell. At least, however, Coughlin and the Giants are trying something.