Eli Apple's Left Knee Is Being Checked Out


Eli Apple left tonight's game with an apparent left knee injury. Apple walked off under his own power. His return is unknown at this time.

WATCH: Sterling Shepard's First Giants Catch


It may just be pre-season but Sterling Shepard is already beginning to make an impression.

WATCH: Odell Succeed Where Dez Failed


Dez couldn't do it but of course Odell can

Why Your Team Sucks: New York Giants


Deadspin does this for every team leading up to the season. I was quoted this year! (2nd Ryan)

WATCH: Paul Perkins Talks About Giants Camp


Rookie RB Paul Perkins talks about what it has been like being a Giant so far.

WATCH: WRs Making More Plays


The wideouts continue to put on a show at camp.

Martellus Bennett Praises The Giants Jokes About Eli


Former Giants Tight End had some good and humorous things to say about Big Blue.

WATCH: Odell Talks About Training With Lebron


Odell Beckham talks a little bit about what it is like to train with Lebron James.

WATCH: Norman Getting Beat By Pierre Garcon


The Redskins spent a lot of money on Josh Norman this off-season and probably didn't want to see this happen right away.