Martellus Bennett Praises The Giants Jokes About Eli


Former Giants Tight End had some good and humorous things to say about Big Blue.

WATCH: Odell Talks About Training With Lebron


Odell Beckham talks a little bit about what it is like to train with Lebron James.

WATCH: Norman Getting Beat By Pierre Garcon


The Redskins spent a lot of money on Josh Norman this off-season and probably didn't want to see this happen right away.

This fan was at the wrong practice


A Dalls Cowboys fan wearing a Tony Romo jersey got quite the reaction from Giants fans at training camp Saturday morning.

Why is Vernon Running Extra Sprints?


After practice Olivier Vernon was seen doing sprints on his own. Was this some sort of punishment? Nope. According to Ben McAdoo "Vernon likes to work".

Bear Pascoe Signs With The Patriots


Former Giant Tight End Bear Pascoe has signed with The Patriots.

Uh-oh Washington


Is it about to get scary playing the Redskins?

Uh-oh Dallas


Looks like a complete waste of 2 straight 2nd round picks for Dallas.

Beckham Release His Own Emoji Line


Back in the day athletes got shoe deals or deals with Gatorade but nowadays they also get their own branded line of Emojis.