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The Chris and Joe Show - Diving into the Giants’ failure against San Francisco

What went wrong for the Giants in week 3?

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Every week after a New York Giants game, the Chris and Joe Show takes the next day to dive into the game tape. We offer our immediate reactions in the wake of the game, but it’s always good to confirm if we really saw what we thought we saw, or why we saw what we saw. That sort of thing can only come from rewatching the tape — after all, NFL games are always chaotic and we can miss key elements in the moment.

This week we went back to the tape as usual, but rather than talk about the Giants’ myriad failures against the 49ers, we took a look at the team as a whole.

In This Podcast

  • Daniel Jones tight window throws
  • The Giants’ receivers struggle to separate
  • Nick Gates issues at center
  • The Giants’ lack of a pass rusher is showing up
  • Blake Martinez can’t do it all

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