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The Chris and Joe Show - Looking at the future of the quarterback position

Looking at the QB position going forward

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As it stands now, the New York Giants only have one quarterback on their roster for the 2020 season. Daniel Jones is entrenched as the starting quarterback for next year, but Eli Manning will either test the free agent market to try and find another starting job or he will retire. Career back-up Alex Tanney is a free agent as well, and could move on to another team — or the 32-year old could retire himself.

Not only do the Giants have to continue to develop and evaluate Jones as — hopefully — their long term answer at quarterback, but they need to fill out the depth chart behind him.

The back-up quarterback position is one of the strangest in football. He is the one player that fans either almost never want to see on the field (barring a blow out win), or are constantly clamoring to see. But that being said, having an effective backup quarterback is tremendously important. Nick Foles won the Philadelphia Eagles a Super Bowl, while Ryan Fitzpatrick cost the New England Patriots a first round bye. Behind the scene, the backup quarterback needs to help the starter prepare during the week and help the defense prepare for the opposing offense.

A good backup quarterback is more than just a cap-wearing clipboard jockey, and it would do the Giants well to find one.

In This Podcast

  • Where the Giants’ quarterback position stands now
  • What we liked from Daniel Jones
  • What we didn’t like from Jones
  • Who should the Giants look at for a veteran back-up?
  • How could the QB-needy teams impact the Giants’ draft plans?

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