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‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast, 01/06: Is Matt Rhule the right coach for the Giants?

Kendall Kaut of SB Nation’s ‘Our Daily Bears’ says the answer is ‘yes’

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Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Georgia Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Ron Rivera (Washington Redskins) is off the market. Mike McCarthy (Dallas Cowboys) is off the market. The coaching search for the New York Giants at this point in time appears to center on Matt Rhule of Baylor. Is he the right guy for the job.

The ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast takes a look at that question with the help of Kendall Kaut of SB Nation’s Baylor web site, Our Daily Bears.

Here is some of what Kaut told us.

  • If the Giants allow Rhule to pick his offensive and defensive coordinators, Kaut said “I think Matt Rhule will be the next coach of the New York Giants.”
  • Kaut called Rhule ”an excellent program builder,” which is one of the reasons the Giants are likely interested in him.
  • Kaut said Rhule is good at finding “under-the-radar-talent.”
  • Kaut called Rhule “an exemplary man” and a “good leader of people.”
  • Kaut called Rhule “a very good CEO,” which is another thing that could appeal to the Giants after failures with offensive play-callers Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur.
  • Kaut said Rhule showed at Baylor that he is not afraid to make changes, or a guy who has one system he is married to.
  • Kaut said he does not believe Rhule would ask for personnel control. Control of staff and a personnel department he can work with would be important.
  • Should the Giants hire Rhule? “I think the Giants should definitively hire Matt Rhule,” Kaut said. “If the question is what is in the best interests of the New York Giants they should hire Matt Rhule. He’s a successful head coach. If it does not work out with Matt Rhule my view would be it’s just not going to work out with anybody ... I think the Giants are going to be successful. I think he’s going to do a phenomenal job in the interview ... if I’m the Giants Matt Rhule would be my guy.”

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